About Natura


Natura is the story of Yamia; a 10 years old catboy from the “Hikaru” tribe.

His culture has evolved through the years to become one with nature.

They live above huge ancient trees, deprived of clothes and using telepathy to communicate through astral glyphs; a new but old language which stills
preserves a lot of secrets for them.

Yamia is in a sexual awakening moment; the unstoppable fire of nature flows through him.
He’ll learn the keys to manage it at his young age, exploring with insatiable curiosity with no barriers; the freedom of his tribe will allow him to experiment joyful and cute moments, but, his strong connection with the stars will also make him question his instincts.

How to balance his astral nature with his earthly nature?

Yamia looks for the answer
to be plenty with himself.


Here is the list of Glyphs you can find in this story: